Expansion Project Update

Artist Rendering

For more information:
Chris Middleton, MBA
Director, Laboratory Operations

In spring of 2016 the Georgia Cancer Center began construction on an expansion to our facility. The project involves demolition of areas west of the front entrance elevator followed by new construction expanding the remainder of the building. This website has been developed to to serve as a central area for all communication regarding expansion.

This expansion impacts the integrity of the building, particularly the vivarium, through vibration, noise and possibly other factors. Construction plans and options will continue to be communicated through this site and via email as they are finalized. In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to attend the next focus group meeting, please feel free to contact Chris Middleton, Director of Laboratory Operations (cmiddleton@augusta.edu or 1-1551).

Together we can plan and implement solutions in the best interest for research and growth within the building.

Current Plans

  • Construction on the expansion project began in Spring of 2016 and consists of two parts:
    • Demolition, which started mid-April;
    • Construction, which is scheduled to last 16-18 months.
  • Demolition will produce the most vibration and noise (LAS Compilation: Possible Construction Effects on Animals).
  • Scheduled shut-downs of barrier dependent instruments will happen throughout the construction.

Plans Going Forward

  • Continuation of fact-finding and creating mitigation options for animals during the expansion.
  • Logistic mapping of animal relocation procedures for those that wish to move will continue.
  • Development of communication pipeline to keep all parties abreast of construction- and research animal- related development.